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Cheer Fundraising Ideas

Youth Cheer Fundraisers

Cheerleading also comes at a cost. This is why school squads often search for innovative fundraising ideas to cover uniforms, shoes, warm-ups, camps and competitions as well as coaching fees. Squads are also relatively small in numbers, making it more of a challenge to earn significantly through youth fundraisers. For this reason, coming up with effective and profitable fundraising ideas provides a way for cheerleaders and their families to ease the financial burden. Easy, creative campaigns will allow teams to foot the bill for expenses like transport and food when traveling to games.

Below, we listed the top youth and Pop-Warner cheerleading fundraisers that have been proven to consistently bring in the best results. The ideas are listed based off of reports from teams all over the country. Like we have said before, effort and organization is the most important thing when it comes to running a fundraiser.

Xtraman Fundraising Cards

#1 Cheerleader Fundraiser - Fundraising Cards
My team has the biggest heart for competition. Each Year We Use Xtraman Fundraising - So We Can Show The Competition What Were Made Of
Maggie Corney - Team MOM for Hot Burst

Fundraising discount cards or fundraising cards top our list as the #1 fundraiser for cheer teams. Reasons listed were:

1. Fundraising cards were very easy to sell.

2. Supporters loved the cards because they saved a lot of money.

3. Only needed to hold 1 fundraiser instead of 2 or 3 - huge profits made.

4. The front of the cards promoted the team - cool design.

5. Supporters were already asking when next year's card was going to be here.

Crucial things to look for when choosing a provider.

1. Quality and quantity of discounts.

2. Discounts all over the country - ability to sell to family and friends all over the U.S.

3. Personalized front of the card for the team.

4. No upfront costs.

5. No minimum order.

As parents and coaches of young cheerleaders realize, it takes sheer athletic prowess, hard practice and a gymnast’s skills to be a cheerleader. The girls are expected to take dance and fitness classes, whilst excelling in the academic work. When an audience watches a squad executing their moves with ease and poise, they don’t always realize the sheer hard work that has gone on in the background!

Cheerleading provides many exciting opportunities throughout the year. Because the sport is so spirited and positive by its very nature, getting the whole squad working towards a common financial goal is a great way to get everybody involved.

Cheer Fundraising Ideas
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