High School Cheerleading Fundraisers!

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Cheer Fundraising Ideas

High School Cheer Fundraisers

High school cheer programs can be costly to run. Uniforms, pompoms and shoes are an obvious expense, but competition fees, travel, lodging and food will bring the budget up quite a bit. Coaches and choreographers cost a lot of money. No wonder high school cheerleading fundraisers are so critical. This sport provides many exciting opportunities throughout the year for High School teams. Because it is so spirited and positive by its very nature, getting the whole squad working towards a common financial goal is a great way to get everybody involved.

Below are the top fundraisers given by you, for you. Results were reported from past fundraisers that were run by high school teams all over the U.S.. Remember without organization and effort, no fundraiser will be successful.

As the clear cut winner here, fundraising cards reigned supreme as the number one fundraiser for high school cheerleading teams. Comments from cheer teams were:

1. The fundraising cards were huge hit and were very easy to sell.

2. Huge profits were made during one fundraising event.

3. Tons of discounts made them perfect for any supporters.

4. With discounts all over the U.S., family and friends all over the country were able to benefit from buying a card - this was HUGE.

5. Supporters were extremely pleased to purchase these cards over the past products we sold.

6. The designs were awesome and really made our high school cheer team stand out!

Important items to look for when selecting a provider.

1. No minimum order for the cards.

2. No upfront costs to get the order started.

3. Personalized front of the card for the high school cheer team!

4. The quantity and quality of discounts that come with the card.

5. The ability to sell to friends and family all across the country.

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