College Cheerleading Fundraisers!

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Cheer Fundraising Ideas

College Cheer Fundraisers

Here are the top College and University cheerleading fundraisers that offer the best results. The ideas are listed from 1 to 10. Remember without being organized and giving effort, fundraising can't be successful.

Fundraising discount cards also known as Xtraman fundraising discount cards are at the top of our list ranking as the number one fundraiser for cheerleading teams and High School teams that need fundraising too. Below are the top reasons sent to us from fundraisers across the country:

1. It was super easy to sell the fundraising cards.

2. Great profits were made during our fundraising event.

3. Our supporters loved the savings they received from the fundraising cards.

4. Our supporters were already looking forward to next year's card.

5. The design of the front of the cards included a picture of the cheerleading team.

Important things to look for when selecting a provider.

1. No upfront costs or minimum order to get the fundraising cards started.

2. The quantity and quality of discounts listed on the card.

3. Customized front of the card showing the cheerleading team.

4. The ability to sell to supporters all across the nation.

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